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Corrupted Cute Train WINNER!

Created an emotionally moving story about her character becoming a Phantom!


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TwistedFates is the story of a sentient alien virus' attempt to conquer a phantom island of mysterious origin. Through his conquest, he comes across Luke Hirigani, a man who was destined to be a prince but instead fell to the virus' Corruption, broke free, and founded a special army in hopes of keeping the virus under control. Follow the tale of the War against Corruption; will the phantom island be free from the impending curse, or will it fall to the virus' Corrupted influence?

Storyline order:

>1. For Better or Worse
>2. .introspection. of Gale
>3. Rose for Shurinai (dA) (VOTE!)
>4. Dawn of a New Era (not started yet)

Are We Updating Too Much?

Still wanna stick around though? Unwatch the update that's flooding you. If you do still want to leave the group, thanks for sticking around.. <:3









>Would you like to affiliate? We're totes open to affiliating with any group, so long as they're not groups based on hate or porn. We do prefer original character/project groups, but other groups are also welcome to affiliate! ;D

Random from Favourites

Here's the moment you guys have been waiting for, the announcement of the 1st prize!
After careful consideration and a conversation with my panel, we've come to a conclusion that JessenoSabaku has submitted the most creative entry, with her visual interpretation of her partially turned Nodoka and an emotionally stirring narrative that went with it.

It isn't the same by JessenoSabaku

In her entry, Nadoka struggles with the Corruption after he finally caves to accepting Nagi's gift. After some emotional and mental conflicts and a small talk with Nagi, he finally awakens fully as a Phantom.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the other entrants, both UltraLiThematic and TurtleSensei .
Their interpretations of their characters corrupted are freaking awesome. ;w;

So here's what's gonna happen, since there were only 3 entrants.

JessenoSabaku is going to get a portrait of Nadoka, a 3 month premium membership, 100 points, and a feature on the group's front page (and on the official site).

I owe Jess and Li their participation sketches, so I'll be getting to that.

UltraLiThematic and TurtleSensei will get more sketches of their corrupted lovelies, as well as 30 points a pop.

And on that note...

Happy birthday, Destiny!

Stay tuned for an update on future productions. Starting the second week of November, you will get a lot of updates containing up to date references of the characters! :3

And on that note, if you guys have time, please check out ! I'm working on an animation for TwistedFates that I'm hoping to have done either on the New Year or the end of February. ;w;

Luke's introspection is starting to wrap up too; so the novel might be coming out some time early next year.

Happy Halloween, booooooooboboobob

On the eve of his brother's birthday, Xenon Naginata holds a family meeting. He wants to throw a surprise party for Destiny this Halloween, and he wants it to be special, celebrated across galaxies and dimensions.
"Go forth, children of Corruption, and spread our gifts unto the hearts and minds of the Innocents!"

Please show consideration when making your images; excessive blood and gore isn't preferred; there are creative ways to show Corruption's Macabre beauty. ;w;
:.Crossover.: You Taste Delicious. by orribu :.TwF.: Lady Karma (Heart) by orribu Black Heart by orribu…

Corrupt your OC! You can draw them as a Corrupted, write about them spreading the virus to someone else, etc! Get creative; Father loves creativity, as long as you're not violent (remember the Corrupted llllove; they don't murder)

Prizes (subject to change)
*All participants get a chibi sketch of their OC!
*Portrait of your  OC by orribu
*100 :points: from orribu
*shoutout on TwistedFates-series front page
*3 month premium membership from orribu

How to submit
Submit to the Corrupted Cute Train folder! Please provide a link back to this contest. <3

A small panel of judges will answer a survey regarding your submission. From there, the winner will be calculated and announced when the judging period is over!

The Corruption || Serian Races || Phantom Parasite || Corrupted (Crossover with Li) || Nest Heart (Crossover with Anxiou)

(twist your character(s) using the provided guidelines. If they're Corrupted in their home world, they don't have to look exactly like the Serian Oniyans, but at least have hints such as the black tongue and slitted pupils. They can be beautiful and macabre, seductive yet terrifying. On that note, as long as you follow dA's TOS, NSFW work is allowed. ;3)

For more, check out this Folder!
A Twisted Melody/Twisted Fates by Orribu Corrupted by TurtleSensei Corrupted Atricolor HematoKinesis by UltraLiThematic It isn't the same by JessenoSabaku

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to bring them up here! One of our admins (more than likely me) will get back to you!
If more than 5 people participate, there will be a runner up prize. If more than 10 people participate, there will be a second place and third place prizes, and the prizes may get better! If you want to offer a prize, please note the group! You don't have to worry about if you're participating and still want to offer a prize.
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