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TwistedFates is the story of a sentient alien virus' attempt to conquer a phantom island of mysterious origin. Through his conquest, he comes across Luke Hirigani, a man who was destined to be a prince but instead fell to the virus' Corruption, broke free, and founded a special army in hopes of keeping the virus under control. Follow the tale of the War against Corruption; will the phantom island be free from the impending curse, or will it fall to the virus' Corrupted influence?

Storyline order:

>1. For Better or Worse
>2. .introspection. of Gale
>3. Rose for Shurinai (dA) (VOTE!)
>4. Dawn of a New Era (not started yet)









>Would you like to affiliate? We're totes open to affiliating with any group, so long as they're not groups based on hate or porn. We do prefer original character/project groups, but other groups are also welcome to affiliate! ;D
A new year is upon us! 2014 has passed, and with 2015 going, we're hoping to get more things done, including improve our deviantART community! So what would you guys like to do this year? I'm hoping to release the second novel, .introspection., to you guys. We can set some goals together!

No.1: Publish .introspection.
This is a three part novel (the first being free to read here that will add additional flavors and layers to the TwistedFates story. Gale's story talks about the events that occurred while Naginata and the Corruption were sealed away. There are two parts after that (Luke's and Terry's) that will cover significant elements in the story, like the founding of the Rebels. C:

No.2: Finish K/D (Animation)
An animation featuring Kevan Brighting, K/D is a short work in progress about how Luke's lazy and his dad doesn't approve. All Luke wants to do is perfect his "bloody K/D", or his kill/death ratio by obsessively playing an FPS akin to Call of Duty and Counter Strike. It's supposed to be an advertisement for the series, drawing in more readers (I hope).

No.3: Update Rose for Shurinai
A tough nut to crack. I've been /terrible/ with updating the comic last year, but it seemed like my watchers didn't really care for it anyway so I ended up giving up on it. ;w; ;;
Still, maybe releasing .introspection. will help generate interest in it. <:3

No.4: RPGs (Solar Eclipse and Room 301)
GIANT ONES. I know. While it'll take a while to get these projects finished, I'm hoping to at least continue planning them. Solar Eclipse probs won't be worked on until its prequel is released. More info on that here:
And Room 301, I've started planning and scripting again, but I'm hoping to build a team for it. <:3

If you feel like I'm doing a good job, please uh-- check out ;w;
I'm not begging for donations, but it'd really be awesome to know if you guys like what I'm doing! If it helps, donors can basically get behind the scenes streams, hangouts, tangibles, and stuff ;w;
S-So yeah!!

Happy new year guys.
How are you all doing? :)
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