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TwistedFates is the story of a sentient alien virus' attempt to conquer a phantom island of mysterious origin. Through his conquest, he comes across Luke Hirigani, a man who was destined to be a prince but instead fell to the virus' Corruption, broke free, and founded a special army in hopes of keeping the virus under control. Follow the tale of the War against Corruption; will the phantom island be free from the impending curse, or will it fall to the virus' Corrupted influence?

Storyline order:

>1. For Better or Worse
>2. .introspection. of Gale
>3. Rose for Shurinai (dA) (VOTE!)
>4. Dawn of a New Era (not started yet)

Are We Updating Too Much?

Still wanna stick around though? Unwatch the update that's flooding you. If you do still want to leave the group, thanks for sticking around.. <:3









>Would you like to affiliate? We're totes open to affiliating with any group, so long as they're not groups based on hate or porn. We do prefer original character/project groups, but other groups are also welcome to affiliate! ;D

Random from Favourites

Hey there! This journal will announce the winners of the Trivia Game. Want to take part? Until we go super again, the game is being held at orribu 's page; watch her and keep your eyes out for a poll every week asking a trivia question!

Week 1's winner was Clover1 !
Week 2's winner was JessenoSabaku ! (Proof)
Week 3's winner is UltraLiThematic !
Week 4's winner is Anxiou !
Week 5's poll is coming up!

Past answers

Week 4

Naginata named the doll "Takashi" Naginata.

Week 3

Terry Livingston's nickname is "Peppermint".

Week 2

Gale was targeted by Jon's thugs for an assassination-- Andy "Remy" Ramirez saved Gale, but took the shot right in the throat, bled out, and died-- only to awaken later as a Corrupted being.

Winners, please note the group with the link to a ref for your prize doodle. It's up to you if you want to get it. v__V
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